Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes has offered an exciting and immersive experience for the fans of the series in 2022, who thanks to the new movie shot in 3DCG could relive the battles of the Z warriors. With a cast that appealed to Goku and Vegeta, epic combat, and an interesting plot, the film was quite a hit.

Our review of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero confirms it, but now it's time to experience these situations in manga and no longer in animated form. In fact, the customization of Toyotaro began in March with the Dragon Ball Super manga centered on the events of the movie, after three chapters dedicated to a prequel with Goten and Trunks protagonists. The resurgence of the Red Ribbon Army caused immediate trouble, with Chapter 91 chronicling the events of the film's first few minutes until Gamma 2 arrived and attacked Piccolo while he was training.

What will happen in Dragon Ball Super 92? At this stage there doesn't seem to be much room for plot expansion as Toyotaro continues the story based on what was told in the film. As a result, Piccolo and Gamma 2 will begin to confront the Namekkian, who will then arrive at Red Ribbon's base and discover the plans of the evil army, but also the intentions of Doctor Hedo and his creations. More Gohan involvement is to come, but there could be room for that as well an introduction by Broly in the Dragon Ball Super manga, which hasn't happened yet: Actually, in the superhero movie, there is a very short scene where Goku and Vegeta train with the other Saiyans. Who knows if this scene will really exist or if everything will be postponed to the end of this saga, maybe as a pivot to establish the next saga of the manga.

Dragon Ball Super 92 will be released on Manga Plus on April 20, 2023.

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