ONE PIECE: a breathtaking Nami in the new KendelB cosplay

In these days of abstinence from ONE PIECE between the anime stopped due to the coronavirus and the manga paused for the Golden Week, beautiful models like KendelB think to give a smile to the fans of the work of Eiichiro Oda. Among the many beauties of the manga, the girl wanted to impersonate Nami, the onboard navigator and former thief cat.

Through Instagram KendelB he wanted to express his closeness to all his followers, and satisfying the requests of his fans, he proposed one of his workhorses, the beautiful Nami post timeskip. The curves of the navigator are more than highlighted thanks to this costume incredibly faithful to the original.

From the tight jeans to the belt with the Berry symbol, from the Sorcery Clima-Tact gripped with the right hand to the Log Pose on the left wrist and still the perfectly recreated tattoo and the long orange hair that falls on her back, nothing seems left to chance. The most attentive of you will surely have noticed the remarkable similarity between the girl's slender and dry physique and that of the most famous thief cat of the Grand Line, not to mention the costume that it makes the forbidden dream of sensei Eiichiro Oda real.

Hoping that both the anime and the manga will return to full speed, Oda has announced that there will be many breaks for the manga due to restrictions imposed by the Japanese government.

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