The new manga story arc Dragon Ball Super, the "Saga of the Survivor Granolah", seems to be closely linked to the resurrection of Freeza, who was brought back to life at the beginning of the work. But apparently it's not just the bounty hunter who holds a grudge against the space tyrant.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 marked the beginning of the new Dragon Ball Super saga that will follow the events of Granolah, a bounty hunter hired by the Heeters to capture Android OG73. But the mysterious newcomer's actions seem closely tied to Freeza's return to life.

According to the Heeters leader Elec, the news of Freeza's resurrection appears to have been reported shocked the universe. When Granolah brings him the remains of Android OG73, the space pirate does not actually assign him any further tasks and the cause is Freeza himself.

""The state of things in the universe is changing, "says Elec." We are currently not receiving any orders. Freeza was revived no matter what, but that's bad for business. When people are afraid, they are not ready to do business".

Since Freeza's death, Universe 7's space criminals have shared the booty; The absence of a great evil lord had allowed it smaller fish come on the market illegally making a living. Just the ringing of Freeza's name brought instability to this new system.

Previously, Granolah had revealed that Freeza's forces, and especially the Saiyan monkeys, had done so destroyed his home planet, Cereal. When the bounty hunter hears this message, he seems intent on getting revenge, but Elec advises him not to take on fire. ""Don't even try. Freeza is back and somehow stronger than ever. You'd be playing with fire, you probably wouldn't have a chance".

However, this does not mean that space criminals will They will lie at Freeza's feet. Both Elec and Granolah seem intent on defeating him in order to secure their place as rulers of the universe. In the meantime, let's go to the discovery of the Heeters of Dragon Ball Super. The real threat posed by Android OG73 was revealed in Dragon Ball Super.

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