With the advent of the new Batman, played by Tim Fox in the new DC Future State series of events, audiences were now convinced that Bruce Wayne was missing. But in the second volume of Future state: Dark Detective it is revealed that the original Batman escaped death.

Future State: Dark Detective # 2 reveals that it was Bruce Wayne killed by a peacekeeper, brutal law enforcement that hit Gotham City about two years before the show's events. But that's what the magistrate thought; Bruce Wayne is alive and more determined than ever to face his opponent.

On the pages of the volume, readers will learn how Bruce a escaped death. Peackeeper-01, leader of the new police force, somehow knew Batman's real identity and repeatedly shot him in the chest, fatally injuring him. Bruce tried to escape and threw himself into a river, where he miraculously found the opportunity to survive.

In the stream was the body of a man with an incredibly unknown identity looks like Bruce Wayne. On that occasion, Batman detonated an electric grenade in the water and used the confusion to get away and pull himself out of the water. Thanks to his genius, Bruce managed to escape from Peacekeeper-01, who mistakenly mistook the man in the river for Batman, and healed the bleeding caused by the bullets. Batman: Black and White debuted the White Bat, the new and terrifying alternate version of Bruce Wayne. We discover Batman's new partner in Future State: The Next Batman.

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