The consequences of the fight between Pro Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front are catastrophic. While the villains are already attacking, the heroes of society are My hero academia He licks his wounds and Deku, who appears to have fallen into a very deep coma, pays for the violent clash.

After the brutal fight of the final arc of the story for the heroes hardly survived There is no break from the hard blow Tomura Shigaraki inflicted. All For One, now in control of his heir's body, has coordinated an escape from Tartarus, a maximum security prison where numerous villains are being held, including himself.

Most of the heroes are now in rehab. Endeavor and Hawks are bedridden, as are Bakugo and Shoto. The latter, who woke up after fainting, suffered severe emotional and physical damage after discovering the truth about Dabi and subsequently fighting with him. Most worrying, however, are Conditions of Midoriyawho has not yet regained consciousness after the exhausting fight with Shigaraki.

Fans shouldn't be desperate anyway; Moments like these are hardly new in battling Shonen heroes. Furthermore, according to some theories, Midoriya could be facing a phase that would allow him to accept that full powers of One For All. Deku and his crisis in the theories of My Hero Academia 299. The consequences of struggle and despair on the horizon in My Hero Academia 298.

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