The BONES studio on their official website has released the first 4 minutes of the film Josee, the tiger and the fish We come together to see the video.

Based on a story by Seiko Tanabe Released in 1985 as part of a collection of stories of the same name, the film tells the relationship between university student Tsuneo and Josee, a girl who seldom leaves home alone due to a disability.

Among the various collaborators involved in creating the work, we identify director Kotaro Tamura, who had worked on the anime in the past Noragami, the screenwriter Sayaka Kuwamura and the composer of the music Evan Call, whom we particularly remember for the soundtrack of Purple Evergarden. The character design was instead entrusted to Nao Emoto and Haruko Iizuka.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Josee, the Tiger and the Fish release date has been postponed. The feature, originally announced for summer 2020, will be released in Japanese theaters that day December 25, 2020.

We had recently seen the new trailer for Josee, the Tiger and the Fish and now, shortly before the release of the work in the home country, the animation studio that was working on the project. bonehas provided the first 4 minutes that can be seen in the video on the cover of this news. In the preview we can take a first look at some characters and observe them first meeting between the two protagonists.

What do you think of the beginning of the film? Are you interested in this work? Let us know with a comment.

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