The latest sagas from Dragonball Super have finally introduced many new characters for Goku and Vegeta, all opponents who made our heroes continue to push their limits in order to face the threat.

THE grain They are one of the newest races to be introduced into this vast universe. Unfortunately, however, we are talking about an extinct breed that sees its only survivor in Granolah, new villain of Dragon Ball Super. This is precisely the reason that pushes him to take revenge on the Saiyajins, the perpetrators of the cereal genocide.

In this fanart, however, a Twitter user puts aside any hatred between Ceraliani and Saiyan and speculates what one Ceraliano-Saiyan hybrid. At the end of the message you will find the beautiful drawing.

The Cereal Saiyan presents i Peculiarities of the character design of the two races: the typical tangled and pointed hair of the Saiyajins, the green color of Granolah's hair, the tail and face of the Saiyajins and the equipment of the Ceralian.

Below we see a different person who is the Reks user than that. designated Father of the Ceraliano-Saiyan hybrid. This one has black hair like Goku and apparently less rigid, the equipment always remains inspired by the Ceralian. Speaking of dads, what do you think of Baddack's Retcon in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super?

Granolah is just the latest of the many villains introduced into the franchise in recent years: Zamasu, Molo, Beerus, Jiren, Golden Freezer. But is that the best? You can see our Dragon Ball super villain ranking from best to worst.

Finally, we remind you that Chapter 77 of Dragon Ball Super is available on Manga Plus.

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