Koisuru ONE PIECE, known internationally as ONE PIECE in love officially "suspended" its serialization in the Shonen Jump + app today. Daiki Ihara thanks everyone for their support so far and asks to watch out for next week's Shonen Jump preview, which will herald their next new serialization.

ONE PIECE in love is one Meta-parody spin-off of the manga of the same name, with the three protagonists, whose names are similar to those of the series, who found a school club dedicated to the manga and become entangled in events of daily life similar to those in the work of Eiichiro Oda.

The author is Daiki Ihara and the manga was made on the website and app by. released Shonen jump + from June 2018. His first physical volume was released in December of the same year. To date, we have 8 volumes of this manga and we are becoming one of the longest running spin-offs in the franchise. Another spin-off that will end shortly is Boichi's ONE PIECE Episode A with Ace, Fist of Fire.

This spin-off manga gag tells the stories of three high school students: a young student, his girlfriend and a third wheeler who is also a one-piece fan. Their names are similar to the straw hat pirates and the group forms a One Piece fan club. Each chapter is a parody of the series.

Among the characters we find Yamamoto Luffy, a first grader who, unlike his namesake, is quite shy. He is recruited by Usopp to become the captain of the pirate club. The kanji of his name literally means "King of the Pirates". Koyama Nami she is a classmate who befriended Luffy thanks to the association of their names. She is in love with Luffy. Nakatsugawa Usopp is a One Piece fan who calls himself a sniper and aims to become a valiant warrior of the seas.

The anime's 997th episode aired this morning, and the long-awaited episode is coming soon 1000. Here you can find the titles of the next episodes of ONE PIECE.

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