In the long run the epic of Dragon ball has seen the arrival of countless different characters who, thanks to their unique features and design, always well characterized and full of detail, have been able to conquer the public - both villains and heroes.

Among the many characters who have managed to get people to talk about themselves - with cosplay and fan art of all shapes and sizes - there is also the well-known Beerus, god of the destruction of the universe 7. How Dragon Ball fans will surely remember Beerus was introduced to the franchise as one of the main antagonists that Goku had to grapple with, but with the passage of legends, the god has become a supportive character who has even covered the back of his arch-rival.

During Dragon Ball Super, Goku and his companions were extremely rescued by Beerus, an action whose motivations have long remained obscure. Well, through the 63rd chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Beerus finally explained to Whis what the only connection he feels for the earth, actually much less "noble" than many might have thought. In particular, Beerus stated:

"They said we'd go to earth to eat something delicious! Preserving the earth's gastronomic delights is the only reason I saved these idiots."

So easy to imagine The explanation didn't surprise Whis in any waywho knows Beerus very well. It is not for nothing that the same Whis used the food of the earth precisely to obey them. On the other hand, however, many fans believe that there is much more to Beerus' actions than one might think. A hidden plan or reason that is believed to be revealed in the next few chapters, but this time it will show.

Before we say goodbye, we also want to remind you that a new Dragon Ball Super character was recently unveiled, dedicated to Broly.

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