In Japan, erotic mangas are very good and manage to deliver visions of a certain type to readers even without leading to hentai. Among those gaining popularity with the greatest hype is Dokyu Hentai HxEros, the title of which is already showing readers what they are about to come across. J-POP announced its arrival in the manga catalog.

While the anime of Dokyu Hentai HxEros is airing in Japan, the official original Ryoma Kitada product arrives in Italy. Straight from the pages of Jump SQ comes for J-POP Super HxErosThis is the title by which it is published in our country. The first volume will appear in comics and bookstores on August 26th at a price of 6.50 euros with 200 black and white pages with a dust jacket.

J-POP However, it is not limited to the publication of a normal edition, as the first volume is accompanied by a sexy gadget. a limited edition panty magnet. Currently, J-POP has announced that it will hit the Japanese volumes every two months, which is currently 10. The work on the monthly Shueisha house in the motherland has not yet been completed.

At the heart of the Super HxEros story is a space invasion by some extraterrestrials who want to absorb the erotic energy of humans so that they no longer have the urge to reproduce and thus to be threatened with extinction. The young student Retto Enjo, whom his sexy childhood friend Kirara Hoshino, also takes care of, takes care of these intruders.

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