Very little is missing from the debut of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero in Japanese cinemas on June 11. With the feature pushed back to April after TOEI Animation was hacked, this seems the right time to see how the story of the Z Warriors left behind on Earth continues.

Goku and Vegeta They are actually on Beerus and Whis' planet and engaged in intense training with Broly. The defense of the earth in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be Gohan and Piccolo who will have to face the return of the Red Ribbon Army and the new androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

In recent months, several fan theories regarding a possible return of Cell in the movie. The strongest of Dr. The android created by Gelo never appeared again in Dragon Ball after its defeat, and to fuel the rumors of its return, the voice actor of Gamma 2 was in Dragon Ball: Super, speaking in an interview with a mysterious character in the film's finale.

What are the reasons that make us believe Cell will return? First of all, he's the only one of Dragon Ball Z's big three villains who can't do it again and again on the stage. While Freeza returned in Dragon Ball Super and Majin Buu joined the Z Warriors, after being defeated by Gohan, Cell was never seen in any Dragon Ball related media again. Another reason is that the protagonist of Super Hero is the very Gohan who defeated him cell gameunleashes the power of Super Saiyan 2 for the first time. Finally, the enemy of the Z Warriors in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the Red Ribbon Army, which includes Dr. Frost belonged.

The comeback of the android, although not well studied, could be forced and give the impression that a really over the top fan service. Are TOEI Animation and Akira Toriyama really sure they want to throw Cell into the fray as well? There are many doubts and rumors, but we'll just have to wait until June 11th to find out more.

We leave you to the third teaser trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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