In exactly 8 days it will be in Japanese cinemas Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. Created by Akira Toriyama, the new feature film in the franchise brings innovative animation from TOEI Animation Studio to the screen. Animations that we can already see in the third teaser trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

It also showed a moment of comparison between Piccolo and Gohan, which will be one of the opening scenes of the film. At the moment, we're told that Piccolo got angry with Gohan after a phone call from Videl asking the Namek to pick up his daughter Pan from school. Goku's son is too busy with his studies to take care of the baby, so Piccolo pays him an (un)pleasant visit.

In the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero TV commercial, which is being aired on Japanese TV channels these days, we can see the moment when Piccolo is assigned to pick up Pan from school. The Namek is contacted by Videl on his smartphone, as we can see in the YouTube video of TOEI animation has a very delicate shell. Despite this, Piccolo holds the object as if it were something alien, grasping it from above with his thumb and forefinger.

Piccolo then moves from his Namek-style mansion to the Gohan's house, to warn the young man about his wrong behavior towards his daughter. The boy justifies himself by saying that he has a lot to learn, which Piccolo will not take well.

Are you curious about what Gohan is studying in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? The subject of his research was discovered through the picture of his studio in the last teaser, and we are sure You would never expect it.

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