Aside from being a comedy capable of getting big laughs, Spy x family It's also able to open fans' hearts and excite them when they least expect it. In the eighth installment of the adaptation produced in collaboration by WIT Studio and CloverWorks, we look back at Yor's youth.

In Spy x Family 1x08 the character is introduced by Yuri Briar, Yor's younger brother who has so far remained on the sidelines for professional reasons. When he finds out over the phone that his sister is married, he immediately asks to be able to meet her for congratulations. In reality, his intentions are very different. Yuri is pathologically attached to Yorand wants to find out whether the man who dared to marry her is worthy of her or not.

Yuri's brotherly love surpasses any other bond. He even became one secret policeman to drive spies like Twilight out of Ostania to keep her sister safe. But why is he so sweet? In a flashback we discover that Yuri has every right to love his sister that way.

After a few too many drinks, Yuri Loid explains it in a fit of rage he and Yor grew up alone, without parents and in poverty. Yor, the elder of the two, took care of Yuri, preparing food for him when he was absolutely unable and providing him with everything he needed. Because of their financial situation, the little Briars could not buy school supplies. At that moment, Yor decided to become an assassin: the Princess of Thorns was born to enable Yuri to study.

In the eyes of Yuri, who still doesn't know what his sister's real job is, Yor always worked hard to take care of him. Now that they are grown up, Yuri only wants to do what his sister has done for him in the past. But in the Spy x Family 1x09 preview we see him leaving the counterfeit house to go back to work. What made him flee?

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