Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes He had the right audacity to make computer graphics one of his strengths, which allowed him to conquer even the most reluctant audience towards the technical sector. In addition, TOEI Animation brought them a surprise: a new form for Gohan.

toriyama and the film crew dubbed this form "Gohan Beast," an unprecedented transformation with colors never seen before, all along with amazing power. The internet has evidently greeted this power-up with a great deal of clamor, so there has been no shortage of displays of creativity like that of Frostskog.

In fact, the artist attempted a reinterpretation Gohan Beast with a different style than in the movieor with that of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the feature film that made it great Naohiro Shintani. His interpretation of the Saiyan, which you can see at the bottom of the news, is shown in a more rounded and sketchy style, in contrast to the original version, which you can still compare to its counterpart next door.

We now take the opportunity to ask you directly, perhaps with a comment in the space provided below, which version of the character you prefer between the one created in CGI and the one with the legendary Shintani trait.

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