Get ready because June 11, 2022 could be a very important date for one of the most famous franchises in the world: Dragon Ball Super: Superhero will debut in Japanese cinemas, and with it TOEI Animation's revolutionary animations created specifically for the feature film. Despite this, fans remain skeptical about the film's rendering.

In the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer, alongside the animations, we first saw what that appears to be new form of Gohan. While Piccolo's final transformation has already been shown, Gohan's from the trailer may just be a "temporary" form very similar to the oneUltra Instinct not entirely from Goku.

In addition to the new form of Gohan, who seems to have the power of the gods in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, we can also experience other surprises in the film: during an interview, the Japanese voice actor from Gamma 2 speaks Mamoru Miyano hinted at a character appearing in the superhero ending.

As we can see in @tweetHerms98to the question "Which Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero character caught your eye?"Miyano replied:"Well, historically, there is this character at the very end... but I can't talk about it yet. There is also the new piccolo shape."Could the new character be the unheralded form of a familiar face? Or will we see one great return in superhero?

In the latest promo video for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a villain from Dragon Ball Z appears who could play an important role in the film. Certainly according to the statements of Mamoru Miyano more than one fan can hope for the return of a historical Dragon Ball character. The date is therefore June 11th, the date when Japanese cinemas will be inundated with fans of the franchise Akira Toriyama.

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