Weekly Shonen Jump is going through a difficult time. After the greetings from The Promised Neverland and Demon Slayer, accompanied by those from Ghost Inn - Yuna's Inn, the home magazine Shueisha must now face the end of Haikyu. But to put a piece, you could think of the mini series by Tite Kubo, Burn the witch.

The work will also be available on MangaPlus, confirming how much the author is valued and expected despite the short nature of the manga. But how long will it take to wait? This was known after the announcement in March Burn the Witch would arrive in summer 2020. The season has been over for a month and Weekly Shonen Jump has already made four new series debuts, but Kubo's work wasn't one of them.

However, a hidden clue on the Weekly Shonen Jump website could have anticipated the soon arrival of work. We can already see Burn the Witch in August provided that some stickers have been presented in a hidden area of ​​the website. In addition, one of the Weekly Shonen Jump series with special products on the website was kept secret. In short, Shueisha wants to use Kubo's work to stop the bleeding of fans that have been there for these four conclusions in a row.

Will Burn the Witch make the magazine breathe? And what story do you expect from Kubo's short manga?

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