The Japanese anime industry is already preparing for the coming year. Among the releases of 2023 there is an expected novelty. In Shogakukan's Manga ONE app, the exit window is the animated adaptation of The legendary hero is dead!.

A few weeks after the announcement of The Legendary Hero is Dead anime! Shogakukan has confirmed that the series is in production at LIDEN FILMS, the animation studio behind Tokyo Revengers and others. debuts in Spring 2023. Therefore, the release is expected between April and May of the new year. Also in 2023, LIDEN FILMS will also launch Insomniacs After School.

The legendary hero is dead! tells the story of Touka, a slightly perverted farmer from the village of Cheza. While dreaming of becoming a hero and conquering all the girls, a true hero, Zion, fights against the demons that threaten to take over the world. One day however accidentally, Touka kills the hero: Who will save the planet now? After burying Sion, Touka awakens the next day to find that he is no longer in his usual body.

That Subaruichi manga was launched on Ura Sunday by Shogakukan in December 2014. Serialization ended in December 2020. Following the success of the work, a spin-off was also launched. As for the anime, Wataru Katō and Shunichi Toki will both take on the lead role of Touka Scott. Toki will also play the dead hero Sion Bladan. Rion Kujo is credited with directing the series.

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