While the anime series is busy with a number of original storylines that will seem to keep viewers busy for the next several months, fans of Boruto: Naruto the next generations They observe the work and pay more attention to certain details. Controversy erupts over the Seventh Hokage as the father.

orphan since birth Naruto grew up with loneliness. It wasn't until he became a ninja that he found role models to inspire him and developed inseparable friendships. Why does the Seventh Hokage behave this way towards his family?

The controversy arose on Twitter, where a user shared a short clip ofEpisode 93 of the anime series. In the episode in question, the Uzumaki family celebrates little Himawari's birthday. However, Naruto is too busy with his work as Hokage and instead of personally attending the celebrations, he sends a clone of him. As he puts the cake on the table, the clone disappears: the cake falls to the ground and the family uncovers the crime, leading to Himawari's disappointment and Boruto's anger.

Growing up alone, Naruto understands what it feels like not having his parents around or not being able to celebrate his birthday. This has unleashed the ire of fandom pointing fingers at the Hokage and the series. Naruto, that was it written as a bad father, but that's not his character. Why wasn't he at his daughter's party in person, leaving a clone at work?

Later that Settimo fixed his mistakes, who also won the title of Best Parent of Boruto. However, others believe that Sasuke is a better father than Naruto. And you, what do you think of this controversy that arose some time after these events? The Hokage will surely have an opportunity to make up for it in Boruto's Uzumaki's next family vacation.

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