Team 7's indomitable bravery helped lay down their arms against the pirates of the Funato Clan and the ninja of the Village of Mist. But now that the two armies have stopped fighting each other, what will happen? In the preview of Boruto: Naruto the next generations 255two friends seem to have conflicting ideas.

Episode 255 of the anime coincides with that End of Boruto's Land of Water saga. This narrative arc is therefore ready to leave room for a new round of original episodes. Here are the titles of the next episodes of Boruto. Before that, however, Boruto and his companions discuss what happened in the complicated mission.

After a long journey, ie Ninja returns to Konoha. Here they go to the office of the Seventh Hokage, who received a report from the Kage of the foggy village of Chojuro. Although the two armies signed a peace treaty, the situation improved thanks to Boruto's sacrifice in Episode 254 Crisis in Kirgakure it is not over yet and the war will have a long lasting effect.

in the Boruto 255 preview, we see the son of the Seventh Hokage wondering if Ikada is okay. This is not the case: apparently some of the Funatos, including Ikada, are paying the consequences of the war.

Meanwhile, we see Buntan and Kyoho, two of the surviving Mist Swordsmen, deciding what to do with their future, and Boruto and Kawaki have a lively discussion. Why are the two bearers of the Karma Seal arguing so violently?

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