The community's attention is currently on the Spy x family, which recently released the eighth episode. In this new episode, viewers are introduced to a new, fascinating character: what's behind his tender smile?

In Spy x Family 1x08, Yor suddenly remembers that he hasn't informed his younger brother about the marriage to Loid yet. Yuri BriarHaving returned to the city from a business trip, she immediately asks to be able to meet her husband and celebrate the wedding.

Yor, she's convinced her brother works for the foreign minister, but he's not. he, in fact, works for the state security service, the terrible secret police who take care of all the spies infiltrating Ostania. One of the organization's best and most promising agents, Yuri's number one wanted is Twilight: her brother-in-law.

Even Yuri does not know the true profession of his sister, whom he considers helpless and for whom he feels boundless love. So Yuri, the protagonist of the Spy x Family 8 celebratory poster, is convinced that Loid is a scary man, a despicable that he doesn't deserve to be by Yor's side.

Shortly after their first meeting at the House of Forgers, Yuri and Loid study each other. However, unlike the boring Briar, Twilight quickly realizes that something is wrong. As he listens to the words of his wife's brother, he realizes that this is nothing more than a standard story that is no longer true and used by secret agents. loid, realizes that Yuri works for the secret policebut he believes this could be a plus for his espionage activities.

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