Finally, two characters will play an exciting role Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, after a long time in which they have been laid aside. Only during the Tournament of Power did they play an important role: we're talking about Gohan and Piccolo, who will stand out in the new movie, as the latest trailers have already made clear.

When Pan is kidnapped by the new Red Ribbon, the intervention of is required Gohan who will be one of the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. In addition to many trailers and several posters, Goku's son is now the cover man for a new poster.

In Japan, they are preparing for the screenings of this feature film, and the first are beginning to appear Dragon Ball Super: Superhero Poster at IMAX featuring Gohan unleashing his power. Though in normal form, perhaps ultimate, she manages to unleash a blue bolt symbolizing her aura. We will also see in the film how he puts it into practice.

There's an air of renewal for Gohan after the last few times he's been overshadowed or not really shown up. Pan's presence will be essential to awaken all his desire to defend what is dearest to him.

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