The attack of the giants has few characters who manage to survive to the last phase of the story. Most of the students the protagonists trained with died in the very first phase, that of Bertholt and Reiner's attack, when Eren discovered that he had the power to transform into a giant.

Besides Eren, the other two main protagonists also come in the final part narrated in Part 3 of Attack on Titan 4, the final part of the anime. As befits a character of his caliber, Mikasa Ackerman will play a pivotal role in the final fight. The girl was always by Eren's side from the moment he saved her, but clear and important decisions still need to be made in order to understand how to resolve the situation.

Christina Volkova, popular cosplayer under the name Likeassasin prepared one Mikasa Ackerman cosplay as it appeared in the early seasons. Before the time skip, meaning a few years less than the last events, Mikasa sported a more youthful and less heavy appearance. The war did do a lot for his looks, what do you think? Attack of the Giants Cosplay? Here is a royal cosplay of Historia created by Miruqi.

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A contribution by Christina Volkova | Cosplayer (@likeassassin)

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