There's just over a month to go before the debut of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, the new TOEI animated film project linked to Akira Toriyama's masterpiece. The date with the film is expected in June in Japan, however, thanks to creativity, some fans are fueling curiosity about this project.

According to the latest information, DBS: Super Hero should also be canonical for manga readers, so a focus is not only reserved for fans of the television series. Various pieces of information from the film have surfaced in recent months, such as the presence of Fat Gotenks and presumably a villain we all know well.

Anyway wait until it arrives on June 11 for the film's Japan debut, meanwhile some enthusiasts have achieved a great feat. The user Blue animation, together with a couple of amateur animators, he made a trailer for the film, the same appendix at the bottom of the news, in view of a totally original project but still inspired by the feature film. Many fans appreciated the visual rendering of the trailer with some particularly brilliant animations and expressed their support for the release of this DBS: Super Hero fan film.

And you, instead, what do you think of the work of these artists? Let us know with a comment below.

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