The Red Band androids will return soon Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, but the film's true antagonist still remains hidden in the shadows. A few weeks after its release in Japanese cinemas, the Z Warriors' true next enemy is still unknown. Will Super #13 fight Gohan and his teammates?

It has long been known that in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero the Red Ribbon will return to attack. As an heir to Doctor Gelo, Doctor Hedo develops one new generation of androids. However, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are convinced that they are superheroes and they are used more as pawns in a larger plan.

For mysterious reasons, the Gamma androids will kidnap little Pan, who will be taken to Red Ribbon's base of operations. Here perhaps his Saiyan energy is used to create a new, most powerful enemy.

Big protagonists of the film will therefore be the Red Ribbon androids and Gohan. According to fan theories, it is a memorial from the past Goku's eldest son will face an old enemy of his. And it's Toyotaro who gives us a clue as to the identity of this antagonist.

On the Dragon Ball official website, monthly The Dragon Ball Super author shares some unpublished illustrations of the characters of the saga. In April, Toyotaro illustrated Dragon Ball Z Android 13: The Three Saiyans. May's artwork is dedicated to him again, but this time in its definitive form, that of Super C-13. Is this series of illustrations a coincidence, a Toyotaro troll, or a genuine suggestion? According to others, in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Cell will return. For you, will it be one of the above antagonists threatening the earth, or a new villain?

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