In the latest issue of the magazine Weekly shonen jump All the details to celebrate the release of chapter 1,000 in the Manga series, written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, One piece.

For this celebration an exclusive portal with the title was first opened ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS. This page has illustrations and a video that brings together all the facts about the manga.

One piece

As the main event, a global poll is planned for all fans of the franchise to vote for their favorite character in manga history. This campaign is now open to the public and will be active until February 28th. To participate you can enter the following league.

Only one vote can be cast per day, and participants in this dynamic have the opportunity to win exclusive franchise illustrations AND 3D modeling as prizes.

It was also announced that the newspaper New York Times, will post a huge promo for the One Piece character campaign on its front page on January 4th.

One piece

In the two most recent issues of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Luffy will appear in a combined image on the cover when the illustrations from the two volumes are put together. Shonen Jump artists like Kohei Horikoshi (Boku no Hero Academia), Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro (Build king), Boichi ((Dr. Stone) and Gege Akutami ((Jujutsu Kaisen) draw their favorite One Piece characters to appear on the cover.

One piece

Finally, the author Eiichiro Oda wrote a short letter to the devoted followers of One Piece.

1000 chapters!

Wow ... I can't find words to describe the whirlwind of the past 23 years. I've literally dedicated half my life to this almighty 'WEEKLY SERIES', hehe. But it's not just about me, Luffy and his friends have sailed to so many different islands and had different adventures too. At this point I am not sure how many souls this story reached, but thanks to this fact I have met so many wonderful people, of course my family is the most important of them all. All of them have supported me over the years and I am indebted to each of them. On the other hand, I also have thousands of important people in my heart, my beloved readers. For a long time I believed that readers of my series would soon get bored with my story and forget about it 5 years after it was written. However, I am ashamed of the fact that I belittled all of you at the time. Right now, you are the ones who keep me going. With this motivation, I'm ready to go into the manga's final plans. It took us many years to reach 1,000 chapters and so I plan to make the ending of the story really unique. You have my word!



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