The recent success of the anime adaptation of Spy x family it's just the icing on the cake of Tatsuya Endo's work, which has long won readers with his manga. But why so successful? The Forger family hides intense emotions behind the performance, which consists of gags and irony.

Spy x Family excels not only in disrespectful jokes and circumstance, but also in Situations that make fans think. Another demonstration can be found in the recently released Mission: 62.3 chapter, the third date featuring Loid Forger's mini-flashback story arc.

In Spy x Family 62.3 we find out how Twilight became a spy. It was the cruelty of war that brought him to this career. Under the fictional name of Roland, Papa Loid joined the army avenge the bombing of his home village from the nation of Ostania.

Convinced that he has lost his family and friends to the enemy army, Roland fights on the front lines where theMeet Frankie for the first time. The boy, who will become his informant and great friend in the future, makes him think.

For Frankie, the War between East and West is basically stupid, the result of a diplomatic fiasco. Due to this fiasco of Westalis and Ostania diplomacy, the entire civilian population must now pay and solve a mess created by politicians. The two governments urge citizens to hate each other, clash and die. it is war the most useless thing in the world.

but Roland he is not yet ready to understand these words and reacts violently. In fact, the death of his loved ones is absolutely not stupid for him. The sad origin of Spy x Family's secret agent is still an insurmountable shadow.

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