The fight against the evil wizard Molo is over and fans are now curious what the future of the characters will look like Dragon Ball Super. Let's find out together what new Vegeta skills and role await him on the next few pages of the manga.

Planet Eater has been defeated, but unfortunately many fans have been disappointed with the importance attached to Vegeta on the final pages of Dragon Ball Super. Despite the training of the Saiyan prince sul Planet YardratGoku's power was again necessary to defeat the enemy, but this does not prevent us from predicting the future of the Eternal in various situations in which it can again assert itself.

First we know the Vegeta did not have the opportunity to learn all the powerful techniques known from the residents of Yardrat. It is therefore possible for the warrior to return to the planet to further increase his strength and achieve a level of power that surpasses that of others.

Alternatively, they could focus on mastering that Forced spiritual division, a technique that enables the Saiyan to negate the ability to fuse and absorb energy. If by taking this step the warrior could even inhibit the transformations in a hypothetical battle against Goku, he could finally defeat his eternal rival.

The same technique could instead be exploited for Empower your alliesas we saw during the battle with Molo, in which Vegeta transferred the energy of the earth to the protagonist.

Another possibility is that, like the protagonist, he can use thatUltra instinct. Indeed, this new form does not seem out of reach for the Saiyan who, like Goku, has trained with Whis and Beerus and therefore seems to have all the qualifications to become as strong as his rival.

Finally, Vegeta can potentially learn the most powerful skills in the manga, which is the Genkidama. In the last few chapters of Dragon Ball, we've seen the Saiyan exploit a very similar technique. This makes it plausible that he is able to collect energy that can precisely be used to breathe life into the pull that Goku learned from King Kaioh.

What do you think about it? What role do you think Vegeta will play in the next few pages of Dragon Ball Super? Let us know in the comments.

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