Goten and Trunks recently returned in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but only to make a fool of themselves. Rusty after some time without training, the two failed at fusion dance. You didn't get it wrong Majin Buu saga from Dragon Ball Zwhen they gave birth to Gotenks.

Now, in the latest anime movie of the franchise, Goten and Trunks, teenagers have tried to do their part in the fight against the Red Ribbon Army androids. However, after years without rehearsing the legendary Metamor Ballet, the two couldn't keep their fingers crossed, resulting in one devastating result.

Goku and Vegeta's sons, on the other hand, were fundamental in the fight with Super Buu. all time Through the fusion dance, they joined forces to bring Gotenk to life, a very strong and irreverent warrior who can reach Super Saiyan 3 from a very young age. Here is Gotenks' performance level in Dragon Ball Z.

A recent resin collectible figure manufactured by Kylin Studio celebrates Gotenk's Super Saiyan 3. With a total weight of 13 kg, the size of the 1:6 scale statue is 300 mm x 308 mm x 480 mm. Equipped with LEDs to accentuate the figure's aura, it will be released between May and July 2023 at a price of $440 plus shipping.

The figure depicts Gotenk's Super Saiyan 3 as he is about to throw a very powerful one Kamehameha. In the central part of the statue we find Super Buu half-length and in the lower Trunks and Goten Super Saiyan 2 in position to launch her punch.

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