Dragon Ball Super manga is coming back! Chapter 88 of Toyotaro's work finally has a release date, but while waiting to find out what's next, a VJump promotional page illustrates the differences between the various ones for fans Stages of the Ultra Instinct manifested by Goku.

Goten and Trunks, inheriting their parents' legacy, will be the protagonists of the next Dragon Ball Super saga. Before giving space to the two young half-blood Saiyans, however, the monthly Shueisha Magazine spotlighted one of the various forms that made their debut throughout the yearNarrative arc dedicated to Granolah.

After deepening his bond with his father, Bardock, and under Vegeta's direct advice, Goku has awakened to a new level of Ultra Instinct. That's why it appeared in Dragon Ball Super True Ultra Instinctthis particular form that brings together the mental calm needed by Ultra Instinct for the Saiyan warrior race.

However, on VJump it is clarified that this is not really a new level of Goku's Ultra Instinct. The variant Kakarot uses to fight with gas is Ultra Omen Instinct, which comes easy empowered by the emotions of the Saiyan warrior. This implies that there are no major changes in the aura and that the True Ultra Instinct in the color version will be broadly identical to the Omen Ultra Instinct. We leave you an analysis of Goku's Ultra instinct in Dragon Ball Super.

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