Chapter 74 of Boruto focused on the arrival of Eida and Daemon in Leaf Village. The ball now goes to Amado, who is being interrogated by the Seventh Hokage and Shikamaru. Get ready for shocking revelations in Boruto 75.

The next chapter of Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto's Shonen will be titled "The Kingdom of God" or "The Domain of God" and will see Daemon occupy the cover sheet. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 75 spoilers bring us back to the house inhabited by Eida, Daemon, Kawaki, and Boruto. Kawaki just can't stand Daemon who keeps poking him. However, it seems that it is precisely because of his thoughts that he is hit again by the boy. Its power therefore reflects not only physical attacks, but intentions as well.

while in, Amado reveals his knowledge to Shikamaru and Naruto, based on the abilities of Eida and Daemon. He reveals that the two brothers were created from the DNA of God of the Ootsutsuki Shibai.

Spoilers continue with Delta in love trying to meet Eida. However, the cyborg is put to sleep on the orders of Sumire, who had followed her. At this point, Amado reveals that Truth About Delta.

as her daughter akebi died, amado I'm trying to bring her back to life through a clone, only delta. Amado attempted to transfer Akebi's consciousness and memories to Delta but was unsuccessful. At that moment he was approached by Jigen with a promise to get help.

Amado admits he's interested in Kawaki's karma as he wants to implant one Karma in the Delta, to finally be able to transfer Akebi's consciousness to Delta. This version of events is confirmed by Eida using his ability.

That Boruto 75 spoilers They close with Boruto suddenly glimpsing the future. Konoha is in chaos and the next-gen Ino-Shika-Cho team is in the thick of battle. The boy also sees Sarada in a desperate race, Mitsuki in Sage mode, and Kawaki in Karma mode. Eida therefore realizes that something is wrong with Boruto.

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