Dragon Ball Super has dramatically expanded the universe created by Akira Toriyama decades ago. New characters, new powers and of course new transformations. The first to be introduced was the Super Saiyan god that Goku joined and that enabled him to give some satisfaction to the god of destruction Beerus.

With this form, Goku and Vegeta, the only ones currently mastering them, have defeated opponents far and wide. They also used it during the Tournament of Power, the latest saga in the Dragon Ball Super anime, where they met Kefla. Kefla is fusion over Potara from the two Saiyans of the sixth universe, kale and caulifla, and is therefore endowed with extraordinary strength.

While exploiting the power of the legendary Super Saiyan, she was unable to defeat Goku for good. How would the fight go if Kefla had achieved Super Saiyan god status? A fan shows us the Saiyan in this transformation with a fan art. Below we see the drawing, which is naturally red: Kefla has hair and eyes of a different color than usual and seems to be amazed by the state of power achieved with this new transformation. Who do you think would win between Kefla and Vegetto? Super Saiyan God?

The legendary Super Saiyan was brought to life with the Kale cosplay, but also with some strange Broly fan art.

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