maybe There is no bigger cartoon character in Mr. Satan's Dragon Ball franchise. His strength cannot be compared to that of the Super Saiyans or any other human warrior among those of the Z saga. The humorous swing of the terrestrial was therefore the subject of fan art that introduces it in the world of the One-Punch Man!

The fans took the opportunity to discuss how this racket would fare in the world of Saitama and Co. The anime franchise based on Murata and ONE Manga is famous for being populated by strange superheroes, and because of this, maybe Mr. Satan could really shine!

However, in a normal Dragon Ball fight, Satan could be a ridiculous character when it comes to fighting bad guys of the caliber cell is ZamasuWe must not forget that his level of performance remains high enough for an ordinary person.

All in all, without the off-scale parameters of the Z Warriors, the martial arts champions He really is one of the most powerful people on the planet, but has no idea how to master all of the techniques associated with the ki. Although his daughter Videltook lessons from Gohan To fly and learn more about spiritual energy, Mr. Satan is still at a disadvantage in the Dragon Ball universe.

Reddit user Fragraham brought the hilarious crossover to life, and fans began to imagine whether Videl's dad had become a full-fledged hero or remained a cheater as in Dragon Ball Z. Currently, Mr. Satan has been out of the spotlight for quite a while in Dragon Ball Super and is mostly shown with his friend. Majin Buuor in the capacity of a grandfather of pan.

Now is your turn to express yourself: how would Mr. Satan fare in the world of One-Punch Man? What rank of hero do you think he would get? If you think about it, you will see how the famous Kamehameha is animated.

Even if you like these crossovers, you can't miss Saitama vs All Might!

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