The film by Dragon Ball Super: Broly received an incredible welcome, also recording record takings. The film ushered us back to the Legendary Super Saiyan, far from what had been his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z: The Super Saiyan of the 1993 legend.

For several months now news about a hypothetical second season of Dragon Ball Super has been missing, and the importance of this film is growing, which has achieved extraordinary success, not only for the story told, but also for the surrender of animations and fights, for the beauty of the designs designed for some characters and for some small, but significant, details. So let's see why Dragon Ball Super: Broly could be considered the perfect ending for Dragon Ball Super.

  • It is considered by many the best film in the franchise, both for the sequences of the battles, and for the importance that is given to the race of the Saiyans, an element that integrates well into the plot.
  • Goku, in one of the final scenes, says explicitly "Broly, you can call me Kakaroth". It is not clear what he meant by this phrase, but it could mean that Goku, after having lived many years on Earth, and having considered himself increasingly terrestrial that Sayan, has finally accepted his origins.
  • Sayan culture is presented to us in a more profound way. We know Goku's mother, and like him, Vegeta and Broly have been able to understand each other and therefore stop fighting, thus detecting a more sensitive side of these warriors.
  • The character of Vegeta has undergone many changes, transforming from a destroyer of planets to a father of a family, ready to fight to save the Earth, and to defeat Broly we see him even willing to merge with Goku, through the dance of Metamor.
  • After this film, in which the powerful fusion appeared Gogeta Super Sayan Blue, the characters continued to become more powerful, especially Goku thanks to the Ultra Instinct technique seen during the Tournament of Power against Jiren. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to stop at Super Sayan Blue rather than introduce divine techniques.
  • Lord Freeza tries to provoke even more Broly, to make him kill Goku and Vegeta, revealing his dark side that many years ago, during Dragon Ball Z, had made him a villain worthy of the name.

Of course, this disgrace is about the end of Dragon Ball Super and not about the franchise. What do you think? Could the film be a conclusion for the Super series? Let us know with a comment below.

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