Traditionally, Toyotaro usually releases a new piece of art every month on the Dragon Ball Official Site. The theme of his latest illustration is Android 13. Could it be a reference to the superhero movie's hidden protagonist?

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the Z Warriors return to face it Menace posed by the androids built by Red Ribbon. From the evil mind of Dr. Hedo will bring to life Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, two androids who are convinced they are superheroes and will try to bring their warped vision of justice to earth. However, this duo may not be the main enemy of the film.

But then who will be the antagonist of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Giving us a clue as to the identity of this mysterious adversary is Toyotarowho directs the manga Dragon Ball Super as the heir of Sensei Toriyama.

Every month the author enriches the gallery of the official Dragon Ball site with new works of art. The month of April is dedicatedAndroid 13, main antagonist of the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Three Saiyans. The illustration shows him in his base form and therefore before he absorbs his companions 14 and 15 and wears his Red Ribbon cap.

Will Android 13 return to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? In the illustration, the author himself says eagerly awaiting the reveal of the film's new release date. Let's compare the image to the original Android 13 character design created by Toriyama.

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