Boruto's original arc develops around the story of the Swordsmen of the Mist. Once dangerous criminals, they now side with the Leaf Village ninja. However, this sudden alliance doesn't seem to be enough to stop itPirate army invading the land of water.

The fight between Kagura and Boruto 245's Funamushi resulted in dire consequences. The nephew of the former Mizukage Yagura, as well as the trusted shoulder of the current Mziukage Chojuro, was mortally wounded in front of his comrades. The resistance, consisting of four Swordsmen of the Mist, from Team 7 at full strength and from Team 5, was not enough to stop the elite of the Funato Clan.

Boruto is shocked that his friend was pierced by Funamushi's sword and launches the attack. What does ... stand for unleash the power of his karma, went unnoticed in this unpublished saga in the manga? The resistance forces somehow manage to repel the first wave of the Funato clan, who are forced to retreat.

Boruto and his companions can therefore devote themselves to the extreme rescue attempt of Kagura. By utilizing the Hebiichigo sewing skills, who possesses the legendary sword Sewing Needle, the wound has closed again, but the bleeding doesn't seem to stop. None of those on the battlefield can heal Kagura, the needs the care of a skilled medical ninja. Will the Swordsman of the Mist be able to survive?

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