The monthly date of Dragon Ball great concluded with the release of the highly anticipated Chapter 84. Just as the first spoilers predicted, the episode brought the spotlight back to the present. Goku's reaction to his father's flashback preceded a major anti-gas campaign.

Since the launch of Dragon Ball Super, the intentions of toriyama and Toyotaro for the development of Characterization of Vegeta they appeared clear. Redemption for crimes of the past and his kind seemed to have taken a central role in his psychology, but the final chapter provided another detail that seems to fully clarify the Saiyan Prince's goal.

During a conversation with Monaito, the flashback will be focused right after the end Baddack's past In his experience on the planet Cereal, Vegeta has returned to talking about himself, being thrown off balance due to his own feelings. Indeed, the weight that the prince bears on his shoulders is not, as many believed, on the sins of his race, but on the pride of the species. After all, the aura of a proud Saiyan has for some time given way to an increasingly human character, so who knows this conversation hasn't opened up a new avenue for the protagonist to develop his character.

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