The new chapter of Boruto has finally arrived to continue the events after the last major turn dictated by the arrival of Ada. However, the rapid development of the situation forced Shikamaru to adapt to the situation and ultimately failed to prevent Code's final move.

Shikamaru's plan failed, although it managed to get Shikamaru's attention Eida. But who was worse off Amadothe scientist and traitor to the Kara Organization, taken hostage code to regain his powers. While Amado is the only one in possession of the formula to release the seal, he is aware that he cannot fight back as he has sought asylum in Konoha precisely to avoid being wounded and tortured by the organization.

At the end of the chapter, Code finds a way to remove the scientist from the village and transport him to the lab. So Amado is forced to utter this formula, but not without demanding in return that his life be spared. Unsurprisingly, Kara's member disregards the pact and ends the episode aimed a fatal blow at the scientist. In any case, it's very unlikely that Amado will leave his pens with us at this point, as he still has important information in his possession and is hiding one Plan worked towards Kawaki. Furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that he is in possession of a contingency plan against Code if he does not honor his end of the pact after the way he has managed to survive so far.

And you instead, what do you expect from the next chapter? As always, please let us know with a comment below.

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