There is a lot of curiosity from the readers of Dragon Ball great to know how the protagonist will react to the flashback to his father. In any case, a small hint in the drafts of chapter 84 indicates a glimmer of growth also towards the prince of the Saiyans.

As usual, Toyotaro and the publisher have pre-released the first charts of the new chapter on social networks to tease readers while they await the release of the episode in a few days. However, the protagonists in particular seem to have learned something from Bardock's experiences on the planet Cereal Son Goku who finally remembered his father's face.

Within the few pages in question, however, a brief dialogue from Monaco in which, addressing Vegeta, he explains how a race's pride does not exist only to atone for the sins committed by the species. The prince's gesture of anger at this statement therefore raises the possibility that our hero could become even stronger once the crimes committed by his race in the past have been metabolized and archived. All this obviously seems to go hand in handEvolution of Vegeta and his humanity to which the author and Toriyama devote much energy.

However, what do you think will be the next obstacle Vegeta will have to overcome? Let us know with a comment in the space provided at the bottom of the page.

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