The residents of Wano have been through a lot at the hands of Kaido and Orochi, who got their hands on The Laughing Isle of the Samurai. Between factories and poisons, everyone has lived in misery for twenty years. but ONE PIECE has already heralded the arrival of the liberation warriorwhich will no longer allow such situations.

This warrior is Luffy, who has begun to exploit the fifth gear and awaken his own fruit of the devil. This is how the final attack of the two competitors began. ONE PIECE 1049 continues with this punch where Luffy's fist faces the flames of Kaido.

A flashback of the Emperor begins, taking us back several decades to when Kaido was only 10 years old and feared in the Vodka Kingdom. To pay tribute to the sky dragons and their tributes, the rulers decide to sell Kaido to the navy, but Kaido is always released. When he arrives in Hachinosu, he is intercepted by Whitebeard, who offers to meet Rocks D. Xebec. Time flies and the Battle of God Valley passes with it Kaido who has now formed his crew.

In a speech with King, Kaido reveals that he knows who Joy Boy is. We return to the present where the Capital of Flowers is still celebrating, wishing for the annihilation of the terrible dragon and the restoration of the Kozuki clan above it. As Momonosuke manages to unleash a cloud of fire, Luffy hits Kaido full force, breaking his horn and throwing him at Wano. Onigashima sinks to the ground without falling, Momonosuke is tired while Kaido concludes his flashback with that Joy Boy is the man who will defeat him.

ONE PIECE will be on hiatus next week.

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