In the world of The Rise of the Shield HeroAdapted from the light novels by Yusagi and Seira and brought to the screen by studio Kinema Citrus, multiple heroes battle waves of enemies from other dimensions. In reality, the invaders are warriors themselves, considered heroes in the dimensions they come from.

This is one aspect of the show's unique narrative, but which many fans already recognized in the sixth episode of the second season, titled "in pursuit“That truth came to light through a somewhat surprising scene.

The battle against the turtle spirit has begun End of the first story arc of the new seasonhowever, which leaves room for a new threat represented by the book's hero, who was previously busy bringing together many souls with ambiguous goals, only to escape to his world before ultimate defeat by Naofumi.

Determined to follow him, Naofumi and his team took offinvasion of this dimension, expands the adventure in completely unexpected ways and paves the way for a new era within the series itself. What do you think of this incredible twist on the narrative? Let us know in the comments. Finally we leave you to an awesome Raphtalia in Nikka's cosplay and a parallelism between Gatsu from Berserk and Naofumi.

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