We also talked about it in another article: how could the clash with Molo end? Have you ever wondered what could happen if the manga's current narrative arc Dragon Ball Super, in spite of any prediction, did he see the triumph of the evil wizard over Goku and Vegeta even after all the training he undertook?

It is certainly a possibility remote, although it is still not clear what powers Molo hides, but think of such an aspect, as presented by the discussion of Comic Book, it may have interesting implications. Let's see them together.

  • A new great enemy.
    This current narrative arc, however well done, has left some random things, especially regarding the villain, with many unspoken things (as long as they are not revealed at the end). Self Pier wins, not only would he become the new big villain around which the whole future of Dragon Ball Super would focus, but would give time to the narration of deepen many aspects of the magician, like its past and its origins.

  • New God of Destruction.
    And if Molo, thanks to the power it has, once Goku and Vegeta become a God of Destruction? Maybe it's something very unlikely, considering that playing that role would also mean having obligations and stick to rules which would undermine the individual freedom of the character. However, it would be an interesting aspect.

  • Galactic Research of the Dragon Balls.
    Another consequence that Molo's victory could have would be the fact that the earth would be destroyed and drained of its life force. And even if some of our heroes remained alive, the dragon balls would go lost forever. This would push Goku and companions to wander the worlds in search of new spheres, so as to stop Molo and resurrect all those worlds that in the meantime the magician has devoured.

  • Sensible upgrades.
    One of the main criticisms that have been addressed to the series of Dragon Ball Super it is undoubtedly the fact of having included many new upgrades just to stage and without a real purpose. But if Molo wins, then Toriyama is Toyotaro they could bring out others, motivating them to find a way to stop the enemy.

  • New Saiyan power.
    Some of the things that fans complain about the new story is the fact that the mangakas have pushed aside the growth and history of the Saiyans and the Super Saiyans, veering towards new divine powers and new abilities that intertwine in legends. But if Molo continues to win, since the transformations in Super Saiyan would be almost useless due to the magician's ability to suck the power, this could push Goku and Vegeta to discover something new on their race, prompting them to develop a new power attached to their nature by Saiyan.

Obviously a Molo victory in this frangete would allow the two mangakas to prepare one final battle in grand style to finally conclude Super, in which Goku and Vegeta come out victorious but give bottom to all their strength. This would push the duo to pass the baton and therefore would open the way to next generation.

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