there Vegeta’s transformation sent all fans of the Saiyan prince into raptures who couldn’t wait to see the real fight between him and Granolah. Side by side, Vegeta showed his strength in Dragon Ball Super 75, but also the name of his transformation: the ultra ego.

the English official chapter translated the Japanese Wagamama no Gokui, in a version that seems to reflect the original features of Vegeta’s transformation. This showed the divine power for English-speaking readers, but it was a little different for Spanish readers.

In fact, at MangaPlus, we are reminding you that there are several languages ​​available for Dragon Ball Super. Spanish is one of them, and what was the official name of the Ultra Ego? Contrary to expectations, the Spanish version has a completely different name, which also caused a sensation among fans on the Internet.

As you can see in the tweet below with the pictures of the two versions compared, Vegeta’s Transformation is called Mega Instinct in Spanish. A name that clashes exaggeratedly with Vegeta’s explanation, but also with the Spanish translation reference that explains in detail the properties of Wagamama no Gokui and Migatte no Gokui. What do you think of this choice of translation?

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