Goku began his journey thanks to the dragon balls, those small orange objects with one or more red stars in the center that are located on earth. It was one of those who introduced him to Bulma and began the Dragon Ball journey that continues to this day. IS In Dragon Ball Super, too, these objects are the focus of the plot.

While Goku and his companions enjoy the peaceful time through training, things are far more exciting elsewhere. While searching for information about Zuno, the Heeter come across information about the Dragon Balls extracted from OG-73. But in Dragon Ball Super 69 we also get to know new Dragon Balls, those of the planet's grain and which were previously unknown.

Granolah owns one, and it's already evident that it's much smaller than the ones previously seen in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super. These objects, created by a Namekkian, are smaller than the globe and this time only two Both fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The summoned dragon is huge, as always, and needs a spell to look like. As the cliffhanger of Dragon Ball Super 69, it is not yet known whether this dragon can fulfill every wish or only has limited powers than its other counterparts.

According to one fan theory, the dragon of the planet grain is called Toronbo. Could he make Granolah the most powerful warrior in the Dragon Ball Super universe?

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