Dragon Ball Multiverse: The story of Bra, the most powerful Saiyan in the Multiverse

The franchise of Dragon ball presents numerous non-canonical comics that change the main plot of the work and repeat the events in very peculiar ways. In Dragon Ball Multiverse, Bra, the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, transforms into the ultimate Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Multiverse is a non-canon manga in which we can find evil versions of the main protagonists or triumphant villains. But one of the most interesting characters is Bra from Universe 16. This timeline is similar to the traditional one, at least until the events of the Buu saga. Just like in Dragon Ball Z, Goku and Vegeta use the Potara earrings to meld into the ultimate warrior, but in contrast to Toriyama's work in this universe The merger will last for several years. After eliminating Kid Buu, Vegetto leaves Chi-Chi to devote himself entirely to Bulma, with whom he has a daughter, Bra.

Bra is a girl who has no interest in fighting but was the version of Universe 16 trained by her father since childhood. Bra was born with a higher potential than Brolys and can use both Goku and Vegeta's techniques. Its peculiar technique is the Spirit Schyte, a variant of Vegetto's Spirit Sword.

Bra seems able to outdo even her father, but what is worrying is the fact that she has inherited all of the anger and inheritance the fighting spirit of the Saiyajins more dangerous. After losing control by reaching Super Saiyan 2, the girl inadvertently killed Goten.

Her destructive anger reappears when Babidi casts her majin curse on her. By fully recognizing this status, Majin Bra becomes one of the most dangerous characters in the series kill Piccolo and Gohan. To make her open, the Bra of Universe 18 is seen, which shows that despite her strength, she is still vulnerable to the influence of others. The Dragon Ball special first aired on Baddack about thirty years ago. Goku and Gohan are united against Bojack in a Dragon Ball drawing.

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