In the last few weeks there has been a lot of discussion about the number of Mario Draghi, former President of the ECB and now Prime Minister in charge after the resignation of the former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. For Panorama, a historic Italian political magazine, the economist is seen by many as the savior of their homeland. enough to be compared to the protagonist of Dragon Ball.

In the last few days, many Italian magazines have played with the possible Prime Minister's last name, and Panorama was no exception with a gorgeous cover depicting him in the role of Goku. The last name Draghi also goes very well with the title of the anime, which, as you can see below, has been renamed "Dragon Force".

Dragon Ball has always been a pillar of pop culture and has conquered virtually all areas of entertainment these days, with series, films, manga, and even historical Italian and Japanese songs. Even a magazine like Panorama, which was founded in 1962, can afford to quote the work without creating confusion, as Goku is known to adults and children alike.

We leave politics behind and remind you that Dragon Ball is currently in the serialization phase and that in just over a week, Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super, the latest effort by Toyotaro and Toriyama, will see the light of day. Reliable information is not yet available for the second season of the Dragon Ball Super anime, even if the animated series' 35th anniversary - scheduled for February 26th - It could be a great time for the big reveal.

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