The release date of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero is fast approaching and Japanese fans can't wait to snag their movie tickets. It is expected to sell out in Japanese theaters in June thanks to the innovations introduced in the feature film TOEI Animation, including the introduction of innovative animations.

While Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero news are unveiled in the pages of Shonen Jump, the mobile game Dragonball Legends recently started a new event to get the characters Gamma1 and Gamma2Main antagonists along with the Red Ribbon Army in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

To sponsor the timed event, here are two new illustrations of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. As we can see in @tweetDbsHype, the pose of the two characters is the same as on the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero poster, but the background is significantly different: both Gamma Warriors are actually drawn on a black background, surrounded by their own aura. Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are intentional to launch an attack of your ownthe first with his hand raised to remember Freeza, while the second is in a pose that reminds Burter of the Ginyu team.

The latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero news regarding Goten and Trunks has confirmed the return of a fusion loved by fans. Pending new developments regarding the film, we leave you to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero water bottles.

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