The official Twitter account of Super Dragon Ball heroes has released a new poster showing Goku in Super Saiyan blue form and behind him the perfidious foot. The latter is surrounded by the bad guys that were previously known during the series, and especially by the Tree of Life, which is crucial to his evil plan.

The plant is able to absorb the entire vitality of the universes, and then concentrate it in the hands of the antagonists. In the last episode of the series, the 5, Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta - in Super Saiyan 4-form - were compared to the mighty Janemba.

The fate of the battle was initially unfavorable for the Saiyanswho suffer from the opponent's impulses, but a little later Trunks, Pan, Goku and Vegeta come to the rescue. The two Saiyans use Super Saiyan Blue and, together with the xeno versions of their namesakes, finally manage to give Janemba a hard time.

This was clarified by the V-Jump magazinethat the official name of the two xeno forms is Super Full Power Super Saiyan 4: Limit Breakthrough. It is a literal translation from Japanese and would describe the hidden power of the golden oozaru that allows warriors to cross the Super Saiyan 4 limit.

Even so, this unprecedented power was not enough to take out Janemba, which will probably keep our heroes busy in the next episode.

Meanwhile, the debate continues about which of the best forms of Super Saiyan has been introduced in Dragon Ball. A few days ago, the official Dragon Ball website celebrated Nappa's birthday with her best tables.

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