Today, but twenty-five years ago, the first episode of Dragon Ball GT, the non-canonical sequel to one of the most important and popular works in history. Though it wasn’t made directly by Akira Toriyama, Goku’s adventure as a kid, somewhere between criticism and appreciation, helped to consecrate the franchise.

Incredible but true, Dragon Ball GT is celebrating 25 years. However, it seems to have only been a few years since it first aired by Mediaset on Italia 1 in 2001. Although this series is at the center of controversy today, in those distant days we had no idea what “not” canonically “meant” and we enjoyed Goku’s adventure as a kid.

The 64 episodes of Dragon Ball GT, divided into four sagas, gave us unforgettable moments such as the transformation into Super Saiyan 4, the fight between Gogeta and the evil dragon of the first star Li Shenron and the spectacular theme song sung by Giorgio Vanni. To commemorate these events, the manga Dragon Ball GT published by Star Comics is recently available in Italy.

With the release of Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT is no longer capable the sequel role and given the non-canonical nature, if Toriyama and Toyotaro do not attempt to link the two series, they will most likely gradually lose importance. What memory binds you most to Dragon Ball GT and what do you think of this unofficial adventure? Here are six changes that could have made Pan better in Dragon Ball GT. Toddler Goku achieves Ultra Instinct in this Dragon Ball GT fan art.

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