The world of ONE PIECE It's huge, and Eiichiro Oda created a lot of islands and therefore a lot of characters that are connected to each other. Events and situations arise from the union of many, sometimes surprising, bonds. In the meantime, Oda has got used to characters appearing years later or sagas with important roles.

And the new ONE PIECE theory also focuses on such a situation. Little Linlin went back to Big Mama's past and in the flashback of Whole Cake Island said she lived with her mother Caramel and other children. One of them can be seen Always wear a special maskis the other instead Belonging to the Long Bracer tribe.

Decades later, the CP0 appeared in Orochi. The trio that we also discussed in ONE PIECE 1003 has a character who looks like a boss and then two big henchmen on the sides. According to one user, those two characters are there We've seen Big Mom in the past. Below is the image posted on Reddit comparing the kids and the two grown men with the features that actually look similar. Think so ONE PIECE theory be honest?

Meanwhile, the CP0 has other very strong warriors in their ranks like Rob Lucci, Luffy's former enemy.

So I found this on Discord ... from r / OnePiece

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