The Akira Toriyama franchise has always been the subject of several fan anime, some successful, others much less so. One of the most spectacular, Dragon Ball: Deliverance, made its debut two years ago and caused numerous hits in the fan base. The new episode, the third, it literally baffled readers.

The long wait for the third episode of Dragon Ball: Deliverance seems to have paid off. Obviously, This fan anime is not considered canon, but its story seems natural to the Dragon Ball universe. Majuub's introduction fits the saga perfectly, and even Uub is back in the new episode.

""After accepting a request from a mysterious group, it seems that they cannot be trusted"says the summary of the episode."In the twinkling of an eye, the Z-fighters have spread over Namek and are each busy facing their opponent".

""Majuub quickly overpowered his opponent, who after his capture decided to take his own life. In the meantime, Bra and Pan courageously decide to face their opponent directly. "

"Goten and Trunks used the merger to generate Gotenks, but even that wasn't enough. As for Gohan, his fate seems to be getting worse. What happened to Gohan and what are Hydra and this ancient world? Time to find out!""

Dragon Ball: Deliverance offered the Z Warriors a new chance completely superfluous in the official work, Dragon Ball Super. And while Super Dragon Ball Heroes focuses on new developments, new characters are introduced in this work. The third installment in this fan-made series lasts just over 40 minutes. ""This production is at the highest level that we could achieve"wrote the creator The Notorius Luke under the video."It took over a year and a large number of animators came together to make this episode possible".

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